Why I Don't Call Myself a Healer

People like to tell me that I’m a healer. It’s something I have been told since I opened the doors of Emerge back in 2006. As much as I appreciate the sentiment, I don’t consider myself a healer. And in all honesty, I’m really not comfortable with that title.

When I think of healers, I think of Shamans or Gurus. Or someone who lays hands on a sick person and proclaims that their cancer is cured. I’m none of those things. My life is far less dramatic.

That’s not to say that walking into a massage with severe neck pain and leaving with full range of motion and a significant decrease in pain isn’t mind blowing. But it’s still not on the same level as curing cancer.

What I do think of myself and the role I play is far different. It’s more of a collaboration between myself and the person receiving massage. It’s like a dance, and when both dancers work in unison amazing things can happen. I take the lead and “coax” muscles into relaxing and letting go of tension. If the person on the table is resistant, then the muscles don’t let go.

I’m never the official fixer of problems. I don’t cure or magically rid someone of an ailment. I’m part of the dance, but without another dancer there’s not much I can do.

What can you do if you notice that you’re not feeling relaxed during your massage? Try some of these techniques:

  • Focus: Deepen your breath and focus your attention on the area that is being massaged.

  • Redirect: Pull your attention away from the area being worked on. If you’re tensing up and holding your arm rigid while it’s being massaged, focus your attention to your knees. Are they relaxed? How about your toes?

  • Body Scan: Scan your body for areas that are holding tension. Take a deep breath and on the exhale relax. Repeat this for each area where you’re holding tension.

  • Get Support: Ask your Massage Therapist to help you relax more. They are experts in the realm of relaxation and can guide you with breathing techniques or make other adjustments to help you relax.

I hope that clears things up. We’re in this together. The best massages I give are collaborative. Relaxation is a learned skill, and I’m here to help support you in shedding the stress of adulting. If that sounds good to you, then I invite you to book through my website anytime. I look forward to meeting you soon!