Why I Love Massaging Necks in Particular

People seek me out for back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, you name it pain. We have all experienced muscular pain that just doesn’t go away after several days of rest and over the counter pain medication. And the most satisfying part of my job is seeing someone enter the studio with pain that just won’t go away, and walk out afterward feeling a zillion times better.

It really doesn’t get any better than that.

But my all time favorite type of pain to address is neck pain. Massage caught my attention when I walked out after a massage and felt like a bobble head. I hadn’t even scheduled the massage because of pain. It was just a treat for my birthday.

I literally felt like I had left the massage with a brand new neck.

And I realized that the stiffness in my neck that I hadn’t even been aware of was optional. I could live a life with a loose, limber neck if I took care of it with regular massage. What a revelation.

So when I have an opportunity to work with someone who’s experiencing neck pain, I LOVE it. I don’t love that they’re in pain, but I love that I can relate to the experience they’re having. I love that I have a lot of unique techniques at my disposal to address neck pain that I’ve had success with during my almost thirteen years experience practicing massage.

Some of my favorite techniques that I may use include:

  • Gentle neck traction to help stretch the cervical spine

  • Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage to soften the muscle tissue in the upper back

  • Trigger point therapy to pinpoint muscle “knots” and help them release

  • Fire Cupping to pull muscle tissue and stretch from the inside out

  • Gua sha to help break up muscle adhesions that restrict range of motion

  • Heated Bamboo to warm and soften tight muscles

  • CBD for fast topical pain relief

I also will make sure to focus my attention on your upper back, neck, pectorals and scalp. It’s easy to forget that other areas of the body need attention when pain can be so concentrated in one area. And if I don’t work on other areas around the neck, you won’t be pain free as long.

If you’re experiencing neck pain, please get in touch! I would love to help you find freedom of movement in your cervical spine again. Book online anytime, or message me if you have any questions.