How to "Cozify" Your Next Massage


We’re all talking about it- winter is coming! There’s a lot of prep involved with the changing of seasons in Vermont. Winter tires, stocking up on wood (if you use wood heat), sealing up the windows, pulling out the sweaters from the basement, etc. It’s time to get cozy! Massage can warm you to the core, even if it’s blustering outside. Here are some ways to “cozify” your next massage…

  • Turn Up The Heat
    Let me know you’re cold and I can turn up the table heater for you. It ranges from 1 to 10, so we can really crank the heat if your body is craving a break from the chill outside!

  • Add Heated Bamboo
    This $10 (free for members) add-on service is an effective way to integrate heat into your next massage. I use smooth bamboo sticks that are heated to a comfortable temperature. They gently iron out tight muscles that hold extra tension during the colder months.

  • Essential Oils
    Aromatherapy is always available for free with any massage service. Try citrus for a brightening effect, cocoa and vanilla for a soothing experience, or eucalyptus to open the sinuses.

  • Heating Pads
    Warm up cold feet and help pain relieving oils to penetrate deeper with a heavy heating pad. This is available for free with any service. Just let me know you’d like me to use it!

Let me know how I can make your next massage more cozy and soothing for you. This is the time of year for hibernation, and I encourage you to listen to what your body needs. You can view my schedule and book a massage online anytime.