Gifting Massage


Massage can make a wonderful gift! It can also be an awful gift.

How do you know who on your list will love it and who will hate it? Here are some tips:

  • Ask!
    You can be direct and just ask your loved one if they would like to receive a massage. You’re looking for an enthusiastic, “yes!” and not a, “well, I guess I would go if it was a free massage.”

  • Availability
    Are they available during your massage therapist’s business hours? For example, I’m available Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am-6pm by appointment. If your loved one can’t make it in during those days, then I’m not the right fit for them.

  • Location
    Do they live or work near your massage therapist? Make sure that they won’t have to drive longer than their actual massage will last on the table. This is about de-stressing, after all.

  • Style of Massage
    Do they like the style of massage that your therapist provides? For example, I offer massage for stress, sleep issues, anxiety, and general aches and pains. If you’re looking to give a massage as a gift to someone who needs rehab after their knee surgery, this wouldn’t be the best fit.

Know someone who would LOVE a massage?

You can buy online gift certificates anytime. You’ll have the option to email it directly to the recipient, or print it and gift it in person.

Massage is also a great gift to give to yourself!

You know whether you’d like to receive a massage or not. Be your own best gift giver and reserve your own massage anytime online. I look forward to helping you have less stress and more joy this holiday season!