6 Healthy Actions You Can Do At Work


May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, so I’m going to share some ways you can integrate healthy actions into your busy day, even at work.

1. Take the stairs.

Pedometers, Fitbits, and various health tools track steps and daily mileage. One of the first things you can do to be healthier is to increase your movement. This can take the form of an actual organized fitness plan or by incorporating little acts of action that propel you forward toward your goals; such as taking the stairs and parking a little further from the building.

2. Get up.

If you’re a desk jockey, one of the best things you can do is to get up and move. Do it every hour if you can. This action can increase blood flow as well as your productivity. A 5-10 minute break can prevent eye strain, cramped wrists and stretch a stagnant body.

3. Increase your water intake.

Hydrate. Do we really need to tell you why? Drinking water is good for you and will keep you hydrated. Benefits also include improving digestion and clearer skin. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and sip from it often. I personally find that I drink more water if I add something to it like cucumber, lemon or fresh mint. Yum!


4. Eat something.

Very busy people often forget to eat. Keeping nuts and dried fruit in your desk is a great way to keep your energy levels up throughout the day

5. Breathe Deep.

The workplace can be hectic at times. Finding a moment to take a deep breath can keep the most frazzled days focused and on point. Setting a reminder on your phone is an effective way to remember to take a moment to fill your lungs fully. Another way to remind yourself to take a deep breath is by putting a sticky note in a prominent place at your desk

6. Get a massage.

Ok, so this one is kinda hard to do on the clock. Some offices have flexible hours that allow people to start early or stay late if they need to leave during the workday. And going back to work after a massage is a pretty nice experience. But I understand that not everyone is into mixing massage into their workday. That’s why I offer Sunday and weekday evening appointments. Just be sure to lock in a monthly spot of your own so you can keep on a regular schedule and benefit from the cumulative effects of massage

There are so many other ways to practice healthy habits at work. From balancing poses at the copier to correcting your posture at your desk. Practicing healthy habits in the workplace is tricky. Find ways to work them in and before long you won’t even notice the extra tasks that are bringing you one step closer to a healthier you!