The Most Common Thing People Say to Me as a Massage Therapist


People say all kinds of things after their first massage with me. Things like, “WOW! That was the best massage I’ve ever had,” or, “I don’t even have words for how amazing that massage was”. But I’m not here to toot my own horn.

The most common phrase I hear from people is, “I had no idea I was that sore”.

This doesn’t surprise me.

After practicing massage for over a decade (I’ll reach my lucky 13 year anniversary this summer! Holy Moly!), I have observed that most people tune out the daily aches and pains that come with living a full life.

And that makes sense.

If we stopped to stretch every time we felt a muscle complaining about being overworked, we wouldn’t get much done during the day.

But listening to those signals from our body before they become loud enough to stop us in our tracks is exactly what prevents the debilitating acute pain that sends us to the hospital.

I’ll tell you a secret: you don’t have to be in pain to receive a massage.

Let me repeat that. You don’t have to be in pain to receive a massage.

I can (and often do) help people feel better who are in pain. It’s amazing to see the before and after transformation of a person who arrives in severe pain, who then leaves feeling better than they have in weeks.

But the most effective work I do is with people who feel fine.

They come in on a monthly (or bi-monthly) basis and they don’t usually have much to complain about. Their muscles get accustomed to being massaged, and learn how to soften and release tension during their treatment.

Over time, the body learns to relax and muscles respond more quickly to being massaged.

I can work on an area that’s holding tension, and help it to release with far less effort if the person receiving the massage has been coming in regularly versus someone who rarely receives massage.

So, if you’re unsure if massage is for you because you’re not doubled over in pain, let me assure you that massage can help you. Everyone of us has aches and pains that we don’t notice because we’re too busy living life. There’s no need to wait for an acute muscle spasm before booking your first massage.

I make booking easy with online scheduling. Feel free to drop me a line if you have questions about how massage can help you. I also have a membership program that I designed specifically for people who lead busy lives but want to be more calm and pain free.